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Sports events around lake Annecy

Marathons, Triathlons, cycling races... there are numerous sporting events taking place around Lake Annecy in 2017!!

Lake Annecy marathon  30th of April 2017

The Lake Annecy marathon is ranked in the top four French marathons and in the six that have the prestige of being international. In April 2015 more than 7000 participants, took part in one of the most scenic races in France..


- Maxi Race trail 26-29th May 2017

An ultra trail around Lake Annecy via the summits ; 84km 5100 ascent

maxi race

Half Iron triathlon DOUSSARD 4th June 2017

A half iron triathlon -  the start is just a1 km from the campsite!

triathlon doussard

- Trail Faverges Icebreaker 1st to 2nd June 2017

A trail starting from the town next to Faverges, superb views over the lake, out in the countryside! Qualifying points for UTMB. 44km 2700 ascent

icebreaker trail Faverges

Triathlon Annecy 25th  June 2017

Swim in one of the purest lakes in Europe, cycle through the Bauges National Park with a superb view over the lake and run through the center of Annecy between the Imperial palace and the Pont des Amours… A stunning race

annecy triathlon

Swim across Lake Annecy  15th August 2017

Since 1931 there exists a swim race particular to Annecy : la traversée du lac. Public competition (several hundred participants) this race is an opportunity to swim in one of Europe’s purest lakes and test your abilities against other competitors.

- trail UTMB 28th August to 3rd September

Seven valleys, 71 glaciers, 400 summits … the most famous ultra trail race


- Ancilevienne  10th September 2017

A run and bike race around Lake Annecy of 46 km in teams of two .



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